Not to prattle on and on about Husbando, but here we go. 

You know you're in a good relationship if you support each other fully, put the other person's needs before yours, aaaaaand . . . sorry.  I fell asleep for a second there.  I was already bored.

A new survey tried to find the LESS traditional signs you're in a good relationship . . . and they more or less succeeded.  Here are their 10 unique signs things are solid.


1.  You do chores together . . . like one person washes dishes, the other one dries.

2.  You agree on movies.

3.  You have three mutual friends . . . meaning you each have an independent friendship with three of the same people.

4.  You go on two romantic weekend trips a year.

5.  You kiss each other five times a day.

6.  You cook together.

7.  You go on a date once a month, regardless of how long you've been together.

8.  You've both admitted you're wrong during an argument.

9.  You don't get into too many fights over driving, making a mess, or spending money.

Some of those apply to us, some don't.  Do some of these apply to you and your relationship?  How do you carve out time for each other?  What do you think makes your relationship strong?

Marriedly yours,


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