Come on right is right! The office staff here at Townsquare Media/Sedalia don't come in until noon. I came in to perform my duties so should I get a 1/2 day compensation for braving the elements and coming in early?

With the snow and early morning ice, I understand that most schools are cancelled, and that some businesses are choosing a delayed start. But what if you were to come into work and found after you had been there for a couple of hours that your boss told the rest of the staff they didn't need to come in until noon?

For me I feel that I should be given a 1/2 day off since I made the effort to come in and to do my job. Am I asking too much? Or should I just suck it up and realize it's part of the deal and I should just live with it? I mean my alarm went off at 3:55 a.m. ( Yes, your alarm does actually work at that time of the morning!) I could have slept in and enjoyed a little more off time before I had to head into the station

What do you think?

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