This time on the Sedalia Snack Squad, we're going to visit the grand old countries of Europe. And this time, we have an Authentic German along with us to taste these snacks.  Well, we have a guy who was born in Germany and lived there for some of his childhood.

So this is our German, John:


This is his wife, our friend, Holly:


Now that you know our tag team crew, let's do this.  We have some foods and culture to explore. And you know, us.  Less yackin, more snackin!

Lorenz Curly Peanut Puffs.


Behka: It smells like peanut butter.  Really sweet peanut butter. But it's not.  It's like... some kind of familiar peanut butter cereal? Like maybe the Reece's cereal?   It's not sweet, though.  They're crunchy, kind of have the texture of cheese puffs.  Those are nice.

Husbando: You know what it smells like? Peanut butter Captain Crunch. It tastes like salty peanut butter. I like it.

John:  Tastes like I expected, like light peanuts... not bad.

Holly: Smells like peanut butter crunch cereal, nope don't like it... it's not sweet.

Shokomonk Poppy Seed Bar.


Behka:  It's very pretty packaging. Oh, white chocolate.  And poppy seeds. It doesn't smell like anything other than white chocolate.  It's very hard.  The poppy seeds don't give much flavor, but a little texture.  The poppy seeds linger in your  mouth, though.

Husbando: It's good.  I mean, it's... actual white chocolate as opposed to what we usually get in the States.  I've never had poppy seeds in a dessert.  It's pretty good.

John:  I like it, but I mean it's probably not fair because I am inclined to eat that sort of thing.

Holly: It's pretty, I like white chocolate, not sure what the poppy seeds add or take away... I like it.

Zitrone Waffeln.


Behka:  I bet this is gonna be Lemony.  This is hard to open. Am I dumb?  Why can't I open this?  Very crumbly.  Oh, that's not pleasant. That's like... lemon cream that's not... good? No.  I'm not a fan of that.  It has a weird butter aftertaste.  No.

Husbando: Ah ha! There's a... strip in there you're supposed to pull.  *winces* Really Lemony.  It's like those ones that your grandmother always has, but better.

John:  It's alright, not a citrus person, but it is familiar to me, I grew up eating that sort of stuff.

Holly:  *shrugs* I like wafer cookies, but I don't like lemon... I didn't spit it out but I would not choose to eat it on my own.


XOX Zweibels.


Behka:  This smells good!  Oniony, but not overwhelming. Oh.  That's familiar. It's like a smaller version of Fun Yuns. I like that! I mean, it's something you could snack on here.

Husbando: It smells like Onion Soup Mix. It tastes like Fun Yuns. I happen to love Fun Yuns, so.  They're good.

John:  I like them ( as he eats a ton of them).

Holly:  They need salt, but they are okay.


Hazelnut Sun Rice. 


Behka:  It looks like.. a 100 grand bar, only in a block. It smells very nutty! A little snap to it.  I don't get rice out of this, but I do get hazelnuts and a little crunch.  That's nice.

Husbando: The chocolate smells good. *puts it back, immediately rinses mouth* I don't like hazelnuts.  It just tastes like chocolate covered hazelnuts.

John:  Meh, it's alright... would  taste better with dark chocolate but it's not bad.

Holly:  Mmm, that's delightful. Like a Rice Crispy treat with chocolate and hazelnuts, I like it and am gonna eat it up.

Konditor Maripan Stollen.


Behka:  It smells like the fruit cake you get at Christmas.  And that's what it is.  And I did Not like that.  No thank you, Germany.  No, thank you.  Moving on. Let's just pretend this never happened, Germany.  It's better this way.

Husbando: *Opens package* WOW. That's.. interesting.  It's.... I hate to say it, but it's just what it says it is.  Almond paste fruit cake.  I don't know if I like that.

John:  *shrugs* I like marzipan... I don't like raisins... it's good till you hit the raisins.

Holly: I don't like marzipan... yup what I expected *blah*

Schinken & Kase Knufflels.


Behka: I don't know what that smell is. It's not ham.  Maybe cheese bits. Such a fun shape.




It tastes just like ham and cheese.  I... don't know what to believe anymore, but... I love this.  This is probably one of the best snacks that has ever happened to me. I'm so conflicted.  What is life even about anymore?

Husbando:  *smells, is shook*  (As he is smiling) Have you ever had those kind of chips that are supposed to taste like a certain flavor, like sausage and biscuit or something? These are ham and cheese chips, and they taste JUST LIKE ham and cheese. It's confusing! Meat shouldn't be crunchy!  So it's just weird to have meat flavored chips.  But yeah, I like em.

John: I don't know, it takes a minute, but I like it, I wouldn't eat a lot of them, maybe a small bag.

Holly:  Ooo that's strong... I don't hate it, I kinda like it.

Himbeer Creme Schokolade.


Behka:   I love dark chocolate.  Ooooh, pretty package.  So appealing. Oh! I like that! It's just sweet enough, and not too overwhelming.  The raspberry works well. It's nice and creamy. It has the same consistency as the Andes Mints.

Husbando:  *Thumbs up* I'm not usually a fan of dark chocolate. I should specify. American dark chocolate.  I've had European dark chocolate, and it's different, and I like it.  I like this, but I couldn't have it in a big amount.  The raspberry filling is too sweet for me. I've had some kind of candy that's almost exactly like this, but I can't remember.

John: I used to eat this as a kid, or something similar, I like it.

Holly: Normally I like chocolate and raspberry but I don't like this, the raspberry is too strong.


Gewurz Mandeln.


Behka:  I don't have a lot of faith in this one. I love almonds, but... wait, this doesn't smell bad. That's pleasant.  I love almonds, though. The chocolate is a little thick.  This is good, but I couldn't eat more than one at a go. It kind of... overtakes your mouth.

Husbando: Oh, it smells like feet! I want this one to be good, but it smells like feet. *Confused face*  Hmm.  It's almost like almond M&Ms without the candy coating, and the almonds are toasted. I could eat those.

John:  Tastes exactly like what it is billed as... it's okay.

Holly:  Pretty good, I like them.


Hedgehog Slice Bar.


Behka:  The chocolate is nice. It kind of tastes like little bits of graham crackers are in it. It has a strange aftertaste. I can't say I love it, but I can't say I dislike it either.

Husbando:  Smells like chocolate.  It tastes like a Hershey's Crunch bar.  Chocolate's a little creamier.  But, yeah, it's exactly like a crunch bar.

John:  I have had that before, or something similar, it's okay.

Holly:   It's okay.  A little disappointed after reading the description, it's okay.

Mr. Blubber Lucky "Gluck" Coins. 


Behka: The part of the box I always dread.  The candy.  OH GOD.  What is that smell.  That was... so sour.  I don't even know what flavor that was. I just got sourness.  It took over my whole mouth with sour. The consistency was kind of like a Smartie.  I am happy to have that out of my mouth.

Husbando:  They're all different flavored.  There's lemon, raspberry, cherry and orange. It's a Smartie. I got the cola Smartie.  It's... okay.  I wouldn't sit and eat, like a handful of them.

John:  I have no idea what flavor this is, I like it... but it's candy and who doesn't like candy??

Holly:  Tastes like sherbet,... mmm they are fizzy, I like that.

Bohme Sour Fruit Toffees. 


Behka:  Alright, at least this is WARNING me that it's sour.  It smells good.  It tastes like Laffy Taffy, in terms of the texture. That's not sour at all.   WHAT KIND OF DECEPTION IS THIS?!  I was prepared for sour, I get nothing?!

Husbando:  Awww, we didn't get the currant flavor. Smells like passion fruit.  Tastes really familiar. I can't place it.  It's good.  It's not sour, it just tastes like passion fruit.  I kinda like that.

John: I like it, it reminds me of mambas.

Holly:  American candy prepared me for this to be really sour... it tastes like a grapefruit and grapefruits are gross.

Final Thoughts? 

Behka: Overall, this was pretty... uneventful.  There wasn't anything that was super shocking or particularly strange. It was just.... I don't know.  Not mundane, but not normal either.  My favorite as the Knuffels.  That's just... indescribable. That is something I could eat a whole bag of.  Weirdest was the Lemon Wafer.  It's supposed to be something it's not and I am not happy with it.  The worst was definitely the Mister Bubble. He destroyed my mouth with sour lies.

Husbando:  Those crazy Germans. No overall, it's really good.  Favorite was the Zweibels.  Because I love me some Fun Yuns.  Worst was the Sun Rice Crunchy thing, because I don't like hazelnuts.  The weirdest was the Knuffels.  It was the weirdest thing, because it tastes like ham and cheese!  Not like, imitation ham and cheese, it just tastes like ham and cheese! IT'S WEIRD!

John:  Good.  Several things in there I liked and would eat,  bad nothing really, not a fan of milk chocolate but nothing I wouldn't eat.

Holly: Good: the knuffles, Bad: the marzipan stolen.

What do you think about our latest box? What would you like to try?

Snackily yours,

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