Pickles are actually kind of a big part of the story of Husbando and I. On our very first date, at what was then Patricia's, we broke the ice over an order of fried pickles.  Our shared love of the appetizer helped get our conversation going more smoothly, and well, here we are.  Annoying each other with odd noises and terrible smells till death do us part. He's still playing video games about World War II and some other game that's going have Keanu Reeves in it.  I'm still giggling to YouTube videos and definitely  NOT crying over K-Dramas.

A recurring debate in our household centers around pickles.  I love me some dill pickles. Husbando is okay with them, but if he has a choice, he's going sweet pickle all the way.  Or even KOOL AID Pickle, if you can believe that.  He's not from the south!  The guy was born in California and grew up most of the time in New York.  No southern tendencies! Where did he get this weird taste from? Anyway, I am team dill pickle and I cannot stand sweet pickles. I don't know what it is, but I can't with those things.  I don't want relish on my hot dog, I don't want a little sweet pickle on a toothpick on my sandwich, and I don't want to mistake them for baby gherkins at the snack table. If I get a sandwich and I'm expecting a delicious dill pickle with it but somehow get a SWEET pickle... eugh.  Sammitch ruined!   That's a hard pass from me, champ.

But, I concede that he might want said pickles, and keep a bottle of sweet relish in the fridge.  However, that doesn't stop the debate.  I say dill pickles are the best and sweet pickles are the worst.  He says sweet pickles are the best.

I guess what I'm getting at is, what do you think? Surely you guys have some opinion on this matter.  Are you dill or are you sweet? Or, are you somehow both?!

Picklingly yours,

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