I don't know what it was like in your family when you were a kid, but in our household, you did what your parents told you to do.

If you didn't like what was on the dinner table, too bad.  You had to eat it, and you had to eat all of it.  Husbando feels the same way to this day, and every single time he sees one of these commercials, he has to say something about it.

"Nope, nope, nope. You're raising a brat there.  They eat what they're given or they go hungry.  I would never have done that with the girls, never!"

I mean, I get that they're not serious.  They're straight up telling you to bribe your kids, so it's meant to be funny.  Although I did read somewhere that bribing your kids is something that a LOT of parents do.  It's usually something like  finishing their chores, getting good grades, and being good when you're out shopping.

Now that one annoys me a little, too.  The kid totally has the gall to just run away from the dinner table?! In what world is that acceptable behavior? And you're just telling them it's okay not to eat green beans, we'll give you mac and cheese instead?

Don't get me wrong, mac and cheese is delicious.  But dang, Ma, you're not winning this parenting thing, In My Humble and Unqualified Opinion.

Are there any commercials or scenes on TV that make you just go, "Nope, Nope, Nope!" Or something that you have to say something every time it comes up?

Commercially yours,

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