Okay, first of all, this was five or six months ago, so I know I'm late. 

But you know what, if I find a funny video or something cute to share, does it matter when it was first posted?  Not really, at least, to me.  So here I go again, sharing some funny sherty nonsense with you.

Here's a little background for you. They're a nice little family out of Beaverton, Oregon. Delaney Jones was recording a craft video for her first grade teacher.  Her Dad, Isaac, was not aware that it was being recorded (I think he thought it was just streamed or a call or something).  So he did what I would do if I were the parent of a small child/children: He Danced.

And he didn't just dance, he got her two brothers involved, too - Hunter and Teddy.  And it's just hilarious to see the commitment.  This is only about a minute and a half, so it's not super long, but I swear it will make you smile.

Seriously, though. I would do this.  This is exactly the kind of weird stuff I would do to try to embarrass my children and make them roll their eyes at me.  And actually, I could see my Dad doing something like this back in the day.  He always had the sweet dance moves.

So what do you think, isn't this just the cutest video ever? What are some of the things your parents would do that embarrassed you as a kid that you laugh at now? What do you do to embarrass your kids and make yourself laugh?

Dancingly yours,

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