Happy Blue Monday, everyone . . . or, perhaps not so happy, I suppose. This day is believed to be the most melancholic day of the year.  No, it's not anything to do with New Order.  Although that is, in fact, a jam. A travel company in the U.K. introduced this concept in 2005 as a publicity stunt. However, if you happen to be having a fantastic day, please don't let me ruin that for you.

The concept of Blue Monday is based on a formula that supposedly calculates the level of depression for a particular day by considering factors such as weather conditions, post-holiday stress, abandoned New Year's resolutions, and the general dislike for Mondays.

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Although most experts argue that this formula lacks... you know, science,  it claims that the saddest day of the year always falls on the third Monday of January.  Even if Blue Monday lacks scientific backing, many would agree that winter tends to be a slightly more disheartening season compared to others.

SO, I have taken up the mantel.  I'm going to show you five funny things.  That's it.  Hopefully it should put a smile on your face on the worst day of the year.

This first one, I feel like I should build for my yard.  I mean, the neighborhood kids could just go nuts and have fun...just, you know, with the unassembled snow.

attachment-3d Christmas

I went to see NJ for a weekend not long ago. When I got back to unpack, this happened with my cat, Kitten.  Maybe she's trying to hint I should take her with me next time?


He's got huskies, Kitten. I don't think you'd want that.

Now this one is a little dirty, but... what the heck.


It's not real, by the way.  It's just a joke post.  But I did find it on the Missouri Reddit.

Now this one WAS real, but it was about four years ago.  I just happened to see it this past weekend.


You'll be happy to know, the pig was indeed reunited with his owners.

And then....there's this.


This....is the best shirt that has ever been made about Fleetwood Mac.  And it's MINE. If you were curious, this is the performance this excellent shirt is referring to:

I mean, if you're going to write a song about a dude cheating on you, and that dude is standing ten feet away from you, you HAVE TO SING IT TO HIM, right? If you don't want to watch the whole thing, it starts to get real about 4:10.  You can see her try to catch his eyes a couple of times before that, but she really stares him down and lets him know what's up after that.

And, after all, the shirt's not wrong.  That sherty nonsense is LEGITNESS.

So, hopefully you got a giggle out of all that.  What do you do to cheer yourself up on days like today? Do you have a tried and true method, or do you just switch it up every time?

Mondayingly yours,

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