I know, just as you do, that it's officially October. And so, the Halloween decorations have been in the stores for a while now. But not everybody has started decorating. So is it still too early?

In a new poll, 43% of people said the appropriate time is the first half of October. Another 21% said they'd wait until the second half, after the 15th. And 3% said they don't think it's necessary until the day of Halloween.

On the flip-side, 13% say it's cool to put them up in September, and 3% are even willing to put them up BEFORE Labor Day. For what it's worth, younger people are more likely to put up their decorations in September than older folks.

And either way, this person definitely has their scary bases covered. They're not afraid to start decorating for Spooky Season now! And furthermore, they can't just decorate their house...they have to decorate their car, too!


Sorry the picture isn't great, but NJ and I were headed to go meet his Mom and Sister for brunch, and I just happened to get lucky enough to have this guy ahead of us in traffic.

To me, this was a new one! I mean, I've seen people put tiger tails in their trunk or Chiefs flags on their antenna... but seeing a full on skellington on the back of someone's Jeep was a new one for me.

But it's clearly well secured to the tire, and it's giving me a peace sign, so maybe the Mr Bones just wants me to have a Groovy Holiday, maaaaan.  I just hope you don't get a flat any time soon.  I bet it's gonna be a hassle to get the skeleton off your spare.

What are you doing to decorate your place for Halloween?  Have you gone as far as to decorate your vehicle, too?

Spookingly yours,


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