I know a lot of times lately, we see and hear a lot of negative things on the news.

But every now and then, you see something positive online.  And I always like to highlight that, and make it something everyone can get a smile from.

I don't know the first thing about sports, let me just start off with that. But I know what fun looks like, dagnabit!  And it certainly looks like a moment of fun was captured just the other day by local Sedalian Amanda Trujillo-Gay.  She was  on her way home from work after a long day, and happened across this.

Just two people having some fun in the middle of the road.  And that's just great to see!  I love that the Officer had a minute to connect with a local kid and just have some fun.  So many times we've been seeing the bad seeds out there, doing things that are just deplorable in the news.  And that's terrible, of course.  But I like to be reminded that the majority of the Officers here in Sedalia and in Pettis County are out there to help people. Hopefully we can see more positive interactions between law enforcement and the public! I know it happens every day, we just don't see it as much as we would like to.

Though... not a lot of scoring was happening in that clip.  Lot of misses and airballs, just sayin.  I'm just kidding!  Carry on, as you were!

Scoringly yours,




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