The Office of the Performing Arts (OPA) at the University of Central MO (UCM) announces the event of its new program, the UCM Talent Network, set for launch this month.

UCM is home to a wealth of scholars, school and workers prepared and willing to share their skills and interact within the community.

The point of the program, administered by OPA, is to formalize the method of hiring qualified, approved performers for opportunities within the Mid-Missouri sector by providing an inventory of unbelievable performers. Some samples of performance classes can include solo musicians, combos (trios, quartets, jazz combos, percussion and alternative ensembles), bands, dancers and comedians. These acts are out there for rent to perform at university, private, community and company events, or even at weddings, parties, or working along with other groups.

Information concerning the program, contact data and charges are distributed in this month.  Queries will be directed to Jeff Imboden, Administration 193, UCM, 660-543-4263. Email over at

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