I've grown up in Sedalia and lived here most of my life.  I went away to college, but I came back after a few years.  I've done a little travelling, but you know how it is - you almost always end up back home. So I started to think about that the other day, and about how our experience here in Sedalia has been unique to any other.  Some of it might be sad, but some might be a little amusing as well.  So here are some things you might remember if you were a youngin' in Sedalia in the Eighties and Nineties:

The overwhelming smell of the heating system when you first walked in the building at the old Smith Cotton High School.  Well, we all thought it was BO, but they told us it was the heating system.

Wondering who "Tina" was and who loved her enough to write her name on the Katy Trail overpass.

The anxious half an hour or so when we all thought about doing a walk out from the Sedalia Middle School over the suspension of Mr Green.

Never going through the drive through at Griff's because it took FOREVER. You ALWAYS went inside.

Getting your name paged over the PA at Consumer's Grocery Store because you went wandering and your Mom was getting annoyed with you. *

Being SO GROWN UP when you finally got to leave the little separate kiddie area for the "Big Kid Pool" at Liberty.

Spending half an hour convincing people from out to town to at least TRY the Guberburger at the Wheel Inn, and then gloating all afternoon when they loved it.

The feeling you got of "escaping the adults" when you walked down the steps to go to the Children's Section of the Sedalia Public Library.

Walking down to Dr Vinyl's to tape songs off records for a quarter, while he told you about the world ending in 2012 because the Earth was going to flip on its axis. **

Your parents taking you out to look at Christmas lights - and making it a point to drive by The Castle - then spending twenty minutes talking about what you'd do if you lived there.

Having serious discussions with your fellow twelve year olds as the Middle School mock election voted for Ross Perot as President.

Feeling a little jealous when your parents would tell you stories about the Ozark Music Festival.

Taking all your allowance money to the State Fair Cinemas on Friday nights to line up outside for movies like  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Home Alone, or The Lion King.

How excited we were when we got the bus jungle gym at Heber Hunt.

Cruising up and down 65 highway, turning at McDonald's, and going down to the bridge, just to turn around again.

Having your Mom bring you a plastic bag with drawstrings from The Buckle or Maurice's so you could use it to carry your clothes for sixth grade swimming in PE.

Reading and re-reading all the advertisements on the tables at Eddie's.

Looking forward to seeing Otto the Talking Car at the Fair.... but being a little shy when it came time to talk to him.

Arguing with your classmates over who was the best:  Mr Pye or Mr Decker.

Getting a special treat of donut holes and hot chocolate from Papa Jake's to take with you to the Christmas Parade. *

Getting in trouble for wearing a Simpsons t-shirt at the Sedalia Middle School because Bart Simpson was an "underachiever".

Being totally jealous when Mr T didn't come to the High School, but JUST to the Middle School.

What are some of the things you remember from growing up in Sedalia, from any era? Let's talk about 'em and see if we can jog up some happy memories!

Foggily recalling,



*Okay, so those might be just me.

** That one is DEFINITELY me.

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