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As we left Mazzio's to head back to the studio after enjoying their buffet, the conversation turned to different pizza joints that offer a pizza buffet. I mentioned to Behka that I really missed Pizza Ranch, a pizza buffet joint that has great fried chicken, and wished we had one. I was shocked when without missing a beat she told me Sedalia almost got a Pizza Ranch.

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This was back in 2016. Back then Behka quoted Pizza Ranch's Director of Franchise Development that they were specifically targeting expansion in Sedalia in an article on our websites.

What I really like about Pizza Ranch is the fried chicken. When I worked in Davenport, I went to their Bettendorf, Iowa location for the buffet a couple of times. I found the pizza hot and tasty and on more than one occasion when I got my co-workers to try the fried chicken, they raved about it. In fact, that was our go-to fried chicken place while we lived there. It was a little bit of a drive too. That's how good it was, I was willing to drive about 20 minutes to get it.

So what's on the pizza ranch buffet? They're awesome pizzas with a variety of crusts, sauces, and toppings. Not to mention if your favorite isn't on the buffet, just ask them to make it and they'll put one out there on the buffet for you. The fried chicken I've been raving about is also on the buffet along with a variety of salad fixings, mashed potatoes, potato wedges, vegetables, and soup. Not to mention dessert.

Do I think it would work in Sedalia or maybe Warrensburg? I think it would work in either town, but I think it would be a slam dunk in Sedalia. It just seems like the kind of place Sedalians would enjoy on their lunch hour, or perhaps the place to take the family for a meal in the evening.

I'm a little sad we didn't get a Pizza Ranch back in 2016. Although I have to hand it to Mazzio's, they do a very nice job with their lunch buffet. Not to mention for Italian, Fazoili's does a nice job offering modestly priced pizza slices and Italian food when you want to scratch that itch for lunch and dinner.

Just out of curiosity I reached out to Pizza Ranch to see if they still think Sedalia would be a great place for one of their restaurants. Mark Souba, Pizza Ranch's Chief Development Officer told me they would definitely consider putting a restaurant in Sedalia if they had a franchisee that wanted to put a restaurant in town.

I can taste their chicken right now.

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