Throughout the last few months, Motley Crue have been talking about their retirement plans as much as they've been rocking. And while Vince Neil has stated that they plan to run through 2015, a new interview with the singer suggests that the release of the film version of their book, 'The Dirt,' will be the catalyst for their victory lap.

“Yeah, that’s what it’s looking like, yeah,” Neil told the Calgary Herald (via Blabbermouth). “The movie will come out, we’ll have an album to come out with the movie, and then do another world tour and then probably just call it quits. And just kind of move on.

As exciting as it may be to have one's life of sex, drugs and rock n' roll depicted on the silver screen, Neil didn't disguise his ambivalence towards the project, which has been talked about since 2006, adding, "I just don’t know anything about it. If it comes out, great, if it doesn’t come out. I really don’t care.”

Still, retirement for Neil doesn't mean he's ready to move down to Florida, take up golf and figure out which restaurant has the best Early Bird Special. He just has yet to find a way to keep up his lifestyle outside of the glare of the spotlight.

“Of course I’ll miss playing with Motley, but I’m not gonna just stop being a rock ’n’ roll guy," he continued. "This is what I do and I love being onstage. I tried to stop — a long time ago I took a year off and it drove me crazy. I really missed being onstage and stuff like that, so I’ll definitely continue on.”

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