With Valentine's Day coming up in just under a month, many may be looking for a little bit of a getaway with their significant other. One of the most perfect vacation rentals in the Kansas City area, if you want to be really close to someone is The KC Lovestream, although I might wait to book it until it warms up a little bit.

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The KC Lovestream is a fully renovated 1971 23-foot Airstream trailer. While Adam, the Vrbo host offering the experience promises some cool vintage charm here and there, make no mistake the trailer is a high-end modern home.

One of the things I noticed looking at the pictures, and you'll see it too. There isn't much room in a 23-foot Airstream. I don't care how nice it is. So what really is the focal point of the rental is the deck and the outside experience it provides. That's why I say, I'd wait to book it until it warms up.

Don't get me wrong, if you're going to be playing in downtown Kansas City. Maybe taking in what's going on in the Kansas City Arts District or you're going to be out and about, and want a romantic place to enjoy a nightcap and some couple time, The KC Lovestream could work for that purpose, even on a wintery Kansas City evening. Yet if the vacation rental is the destination. Then I'd say spring or fall might be the best time to book it.

Check-in is after 3:00 PM CST, and check-out is 10:00 AM CST. The KC Lovestream sleeps two in one queen size bed. You must be 18 or over to rent it. No events are permitted, and smoking is not allowed. Keep scrolling to see some pictures of the KC Lovestream and learn more about the accommodations.

Want To Be Close To Someone? The KC Airstream Is A Perfect Love Shack

If you're looking to reconnect with your spouse or significant other. Or, if you want to get closer to someone you love, then the KC Lovestream might just be the perfect getaway to make that happen. That said, it might not be perfect for Valentine's day, cause yaknow, February in Kansas City.

Gallery Credit: Rob Creighton

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