If one of the things you want to do when you visit Worlds of Fun this summer is ride the park's legendary MAMBA roller coaster, you'll need to stop by MAMBA plaza and pick up a Timed Entry Card.

One of the toughest parts of heading to an amusement park like Worlds of Fun in the summer heat is the waiting. I know it was the toughest part of going when I was growing up. And even with the invention of passes like Fast Lane and advanced technology, it's still part of the tradition at places like Worlds of Fun.

Now it's not all bad. I've had some fun conversations while waiting in line with friends. And waiting to board a ride like MAMBA, especially for your first ride, adds to the anticipation and eventual thrill of the ride. Yet it can also eat into the valuable time you can spend doing other things. This is exactly why Worlds of Fun has implemented Timed Entry on the MAMBA on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays.

So what is Timed Entry, and how does it work? Simple. Visit MAMBA Plaza and pick up a Timed Entry card. Your Timed Entry card then assigns you a 30-minute window to come back and queue for the ride. The idea behind this is to keep queue lines from being super long and forcing people to stand in line for a super long time.

Timed Entry cards don't guarantee immediate boarding, it only decreases your standing around time to ride. They also don't guarantee you'll get to ride. If weather or mechanical issues force the ride to close, you're out of luck. If you miss your queue window, you can still queue for the ride when you get there. But the Park hopes you show up on time, cause it's all about managing the crowd.

If you want to ride, Worlds of Fun suggests heading to MAMBA Plaza early in your visit to get your Timed Entry card, because they are limiting how many they give out to the roller coaster's daily operating capacity. Those who have Fast Lane or a Single Use Fastlane Voucher can queue without a Timed Entry card, and 2022 Gold and Platinum Season Passholders can access MAMBA through Scandinavia at 10:30 AM before Timed Entry cards are distributed.

As it stands now Timed Entry on MAMBA is only being used on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays. For more information and some FAQ check out the Worlds of Fun website.

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