The City of Warrensburg has hired a company to help the City attract new business to town including retailers and restaurants. This is according to a release from the firm hired by the City, Retail Strategies.

City Manager Danielle Dulin is quoted in the release, “The city leadership in Warrensburg knows there is a lot of opportunity to enhance the quality of life for our citizens through retail and restaurant attraction.”

According to their website, Retail Strategies "mission is to provide the real estate expertise, tools, and human effort that position deserving towns as alluring locations for national businesses and destinations for tourism and quality of life amenities."

Dulin, according to the release, says the City chose Retail Strategies to represent Warrensburg because their team is well connected to retailers, brokers, and developers in Missouri. The City also believes the partnership will bring new business to town while bringing more sales tax dollars to the community.

Retail Strategies likes the partnership with Warrensburg from the standpoint that the City is attractive to national retailers looking to expand because of The University of Central Missouri and its proximity to Whiteman Airforce Base and Kansas City.

Retail Strategies will visit the market to identify areas for potential expanding businesses, then create a recruitment plan for the City while engaging "specific retail real estate professionals, including local property owners in Warrensburg, brokers, and developers. "

It will be interesting to see the fruit this endeavor brings to Warrensburg. Could we ever see a Target, a Chilis, or a Whataburger? It will be interesting to see who thinks Warrensburg is good for their national businesses, and what businesses are content to let shoppers continue to head to Kansas City to do their shopping. It also remains to be seen how more national retail and restaurant chains will impact local businesses in town. It could be a couple of interesting years of growth for the City.

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