Fans attending a Foo Fighters show in Eugene, Ore. earlier this week (Dec. 5) got quite the surprise when the surviving members of Nirvana shared the stage for a song as bassist Krist Novoselic joined the band for their 1995 hit single "Big Me."

It was late in the set when Novoselic walked out onstage at the Matthew Knight Arena, receiving cheers from the shocked audience and a hug from Foo frontman Dave Grohl, who played drums in the legendary Seattle grunge outfit.

"Back in the day, I had this song that I thought might be kind of cool," Grohl says to introduce the track in the video which can be viewed above. "And we were in our friend Barrett's studio ... no we weren't, we were at Robert Lang's studio. And we had nothing to do all day long. I was like, 'I got an idea...' and we recorded this song together. It wound up on the first Foo Fighters record. It's called 'Big Me' and it sounds like this."

They then performed the track, with Novoselic taking the place of Foo Fighters bassist Nate Mendel for the song. Along with Novoselic and Grohl, Foo guitarist Pat Smear was also a member of Nirvana, having joined in 1993, and he also was part of the performance.

This wasn't the first time the trio have performed together in a live setting in recent years, with a number of one-offs since singer Kurt Cobain's death in 1994. The most notable was at Nirvana's 2014 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame where they did a four song set featuring all women, including Joan Jett and Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon. That was followed by an explosive 19-song set at a secret after party at St. Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, NY, again featuring a rotating cast of vocalists.

"I love you Krist; forever and ever and ever and ever," Grohl said after "Big Me" ended. Novoselic then jokingly hoisted the bass above his head leaving the frontman to add, "No, no that's a new one - don't smash it - he just got it! It's really hard to hug somebody that's six feet seven - I gotta be honest."

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