This Sunday is Mother's Day.  In case you needed a reminder.  Hopefully you all have a good relationship with your moms.  Or perhaps you are a mom yourself.  My mother is still alive.  She is 78, and candidly, she is in better shape than me.  We still have our disagreements from time to time, but she has been there for me my whole life.  If I have learned anything, make sure you mom's get taken care of on Mother's Day.  Whatever they want to do, just do it.  They deserve it.

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This year, I will not be spending it with my mom.  I have sent a card, will be calling her to chat, and hopefully my family back home will make sure she get a little attention.  In the past, when I have lived away, I have sent flowers, or an Edible Arrangements and they have been well received.  When I was living at home, we usually went to dinner somewhere.  A place of her choosing.  For the most part, we just ask her what she want to do, and we do it.  Simple.

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We have two moms that work here.  Our Account Executives Lori Sorrell and Aubrey Hollis.  I asked them, if they could recall the best Mother's Day gift they received.  Lori informed me that her daughter Hannah gave her the Princess Bride book, that the movie was based on with a hand written note.  This is Lori's favorite movie.  Aubrey has a ring with her son's birth flower on it.  Nice gifts.  Personal, touching, thoughtful.

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Lending Tree had a nice article about what mom's really want for Mother's Day and you can read it HERE.  I will share some of the highlights for you, if you are not sure of what to do for your mom.  And perhaps if you are a mom yourself, some of these may hit home.

36% of mom's are happy with a simple card.  It does show acknowledgement, and if you put a personalized message in it, even better.

32% just want "quality time" with their kids.

29% would like flowers or other plants.

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For the record, apparently Americans will spend on average $225 on Mother's Day gifts this year.  That is up from $219 last year.  You don't need to go into debt for mom.  In reading the Lending Tree article, that don't need anything fancy.  They understand money can be tight.  So if you have a good relationship with your mom, just talk to them, make sure to thank them for all that they have done for you, and have them be honest with you about what they would like.

And to all the mom's out there, please enjoy your special day this Sunday.  You deserve it.

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