Most of my life in Sedalia, I've lived near Liberty Park. It was the park we went to for our playground time, and we always went to the Liberty Park pool.In fact, we nearly had our wedding at that little terraced area at Liberty Park. It's just a Sedalia institution, you know? Every year, the Sedalia Parks Department stocks it with fish and folks come out from all over to fish and have a little relaxing fun. So since living things are in there, from time to time the department has to drain the Lagoon (I've heard people call it a pond or something, but I've only ever called it the Lagoon. Maybe that was the old term for it? I don't know.)

So of course my little mind started wandering about it. Nobody's been in there for ages. Anything could be in there. What is IN there?  Are there lost items, or something mysterious? Have we got a creature in there? Maybe that's where the Beaman Monster lives when he's not running around the fields. Maybe there's a three eyed fish like on The Simpsons! We've gotta call the River Monsters guy!

I talked with Dave Moore, who is the head of Maintenance over there, and he told me they don't have any plans to drain it in the foreseeable future, but they might do it again in a couple of years. So I asked him the million dollar question....what have you found in the Lagoon over the years?

He said that generally... there's nothing in there. Occasionally they find a bench (you know how "vandals" are) or someone's watch, maybe a dropped fishing pole.

But he did say one time he found a dead cat tied to a brick.

That made me sad. I mean, if you don't want the cat, why not just drop it at the shelter? Did you have to drown it, and have it die a slow, painful death?

Jeez. People. I liked it better when I DIDN'T know what was in there. Maybe next time they drain it they'll find something cool like a lost coin or a message in a bottle.

Lagoonly yours,

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