Just about all of us, at one time or another, played some type of sport as we were growing up. Whatever sport you played, and however long you played it, there's a good chance you remember some of the coaches you encountered along the way. Who are some of west-central Missouri's best coaches? 

It takes a special type person to succeed at coaching youth sports. If you have trouble with your own kids, just imagine having a whole bench full of them! They also have to deal with parents who think their kid isn't playing enough, and all of the sports "experts" sitting in the stands that freely share their opinions on how the team should be coached, but never offer to step up and volunteer themselves. A lot of these coaches are unpaid They dedicate their free time after work to practices and their weekends to games. It's not easy.

Here's a chance to recognize our area's best coaches. Send in the form below to let us know who your favorite coaches are, and what makes them so outstanding at what they do. We'll share your comments on our site so our audience can see who the terrific youth sports coaches are.

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