Have you noticed some things are a little different these days when you visit Sonic? Like the logos on the cups and bags? They're not that different to really stand out, but it's a little cleaner and the yellow is gone. Also gone, the two annoying guys trying to sell us Sonic's food. Replaced by other maybe more famous people trying to sell us food? I don't remember enough except to say I liked the two annoying guys better. They were at least funny. Well that's not all that's changing at Sonic. They've created a brand new restaurant design.

The design is called "Delight" and according to Sonic, "The updated look provides a fun and inviting space for guests to enjoy a moment of carefree bliss in their daily routine."

The new design doesn't change the drive-in that much. You still order from under a carport by a speaker. And the building doesn't look that different. It does seem like there was a little more thought to people enjoying nice weather and relaxing in front of their building. And they've done a little bit to make it more homey.

Sonic / Inspire Stories
Sonic / Inspire Stories

The restaurant describes their new design this way, as only a PR writer could:

The exterior of the drive-in highlights SONIC’s new brand identity with pops of red, blue and a bit of yellow, reminding guests that summertime is a feeling, not just a season. The new design also pays homage to SONIC’s signature beverages, with a large, brightly-lit cherry placed atop the building as a nod to the more than 9 million Cherry Limeades enjoyed at its drive-ins across the country each year.

Inside Sonic's new restaurants the kitchen has been redesigned to enable team members to work more quickly and easily. While not as sexy as a cherry on top of the building, a kitchen designed to maximize workflow will get food out more quickly. And hopefully solve the problem of Sonic forgetting to include the marinara with the Mozzarella Sticks. (I mean you can't have one without the other. Right?)

Whether or not the restaurant owners in Sedalia and Warrensburg are ready to adorn the night sky with a brightly-lit cherry I don't know. However, the design can be implemented seamlessly to previous formats and footprints, and the fast food burger business is booming in both towns, so I'd expect us to see it sooner or later.

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