On May 1 the Western Missouri Medical Center Foundation announced their most ambitious capital campaign ever. They hope to raise a million dollars to bring new technology to the hospital, which will help improve the care for some of our communities most ill patients.

WMMC Foundation has earmarked the money for a new Computed Tomography (CT) machine with state-of-the-art imaging technology and Interventional Radiology components.

According to the Foundation's press release here's what this state-of-the-art technology will do for patients. Interventional Radiology allows doctors to perform surgical procedures to diagnose, treat, and cure a variety of conditions in a less invasive way. For patients, it works better than traditional surgery, has fewer risks, is less expensive, makes outpatient treatment possible, and lets patients recover more quickly.

It will specifically help WMMC improve the quality of care for patients battling cancer, cardiovascular issues, and stroke patients.

"As our capabilities grow, so does the need for advanced technology. The interventional capabilities and an additional CT expands the services we can provide through interventional radiology and ensures we have the capacity during critical situations, never needing to turn a patient away. As a designated stroke, trauma, and STEMI (heart attack) center, we are providing a higher level of care, which means we are seeing more critical patients,” said Darinda Dick, President and CEO of WMMC.

Additionally, some of the money will be used to fund some hospital renovations to accommodate the new machine. The hospital's Endocrinology (Endo) Clinic will move to a prime remodeled location on the first floor. While the new CT machine will be located conveniently between the ER and Diagnostic Imaging Department.

WMMC Foundation has raised over 1.3 million dollars to fund a variety of projects including scholarships, grants for employees in need, new equipment, and renovation of patient-facing areas of the hospital.

You can learn more about WMMC Foundation's goals, donate to the campaign, and learn more about how Interventional Radiology will help the community here.

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