An Italian chef and apparent David Bowie superfan has offered the legend life everlasting — in the form of a gelato flavor named in his honor.

Black Star gelato, which is named after Bowie's final album, takes chestnut ice cream and adds dark chocolate ganache, along with a finish of cream flavored with the smoke of a Cuban cigar, according to the Straits Times.

Blackstar was released just days before Bowie passed away on Jan 10, 2016 following a battle with cancer. Though he had never previously achieved a No. 1 album in career, Blackstar debuted at the top of the charts. Since his death, numerous other Bowie albums climbed the charts again, as fans mourned the loss.

Creator Angelika Kaswalder is selling the decadent treat at Cuore di Vetro, her ice-cream shop in Berlin; their pistachio concoction was voted best ice cream in Berlin last year. It doesn't hurt, of course, that this new flavor is being offered in the German capital where Bowie created much of his music in the late '70s. And if the chestnut flavor doesn't appeal? Fear not: Kaswalder is also offering the White Duke, which is Sicilian almond topped with organic peach jam.

Bowie has served as an inspirational figure before: In 2009, scientists discovered a rare yellow spider that they dubbed the Heteropoda davidbowie. This past January, a year after the singer-songwriter's death, an ancient wasp was given the name Archaeoteleia astropulvis. "Astropulvis" translates from Latin as "stardust."

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