Those holiday cakes, cookies, and pies you plan on baking. Just stop. Don't bake them. You're making butter more expensive for the rest of us.

We've all been squeezed by high prices and shortages for quite a while now. While I'd like to offer some good news that'll all end soon and the pressure of higher prices on our lives will go away. I don't think that'll happen. Heck, the last time I filled up at the pump, gas had gone back up 20 cents, and don't get me started on the grocery bill.

I like to reminisce about how 20 years ago, we could go to Super Walmart, back when Walmart stores that offered groceries were called Walmart Supercenters, and do a grocery stock-up trip for around $100 dollars. These days that would be unheard of, just like a stock-up trip is unheard of because of the cost.

Honestly, I don't walk into the store and notice how much more most items cost these days. I might notice something like frozen pizzas because I might pop in now and then to just buy them for dinner. Or soda for the same reason. Yet, it's the total cost of the store trip, not the price of the individual items I notice.

So I didn't notice that butter costs almost 25 percent more today than a year ago, and that increase is double that of most groceries. This is according to a story on the KAIT 8 website. The story gets worse too, they cite Food and Wine magazine as saying America's stores of butter are at their lowest level since 2017. So there could be a butter shortage going into the holiday season.

So do me a favor, and ease off the holiday baking. The rest of us need butter for our toast or for our Thanksgiving dinner rolls, and we'd like to not have to tap Fort Knox to get it. If you can't do that, then at least bring some of your tasty baked goods to share with the rest of us.

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