Every year, Child Safe asks me to bake up something for their Dessert Auction.

And I kind of hem and haw about it every year, because I can never decide what to make. So I decided, hey, why not look at some of the past donations they've had in the last couple of years. Maybe you'll get inspired to bake something up for them!

Child Safe Dessert Auction

Well.  Now I'm hungry.

If you're not inspired to do some baking to donate, then hopefully you're inspired by what they do down there. They hear from kids in 13 different counties.  So many kids go through their doors every day, and it takes a lot to help them.  The organization goes through the entire process of the forensic interview, so that the kids only have to tell their story once.  Then there also the family advocates who work with the kids and the non offending family  moving forward, as well as therapists who help each child.

You can donate or just bid, whatever you want to do to help.  The event is coming up soon! Stop by the Foundry 324, which is at 324 West 2nd Street here in Sedalia, on the 23rd.  They're doing a big chili dinner at 5:30 so you can chow down and get some fixins, and buy a dessert, knowing you're helping a great cause. The actual auction starts at 6:30, but you can come in and just buy from the cash and carry table (where my yet to be made dessert will probably be) anytime.  You can also call (660) 829-3434 if you need any more details.

Bakingly yours,

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