If you have a young grade school student who aspires to be a cheerleader when they're in high school, they can get a taste of that by performing with the Warrensburg High School cheerleading squad.

The Warrensburg High School cheerleaders are holding a cheer clinic for grade school students who are in Kindergarten through fourth grade on Thursday, September 22, and Friday, September 23 culminating in a pre-game performance with the Warrensburg High School Cheerleaders before the varsity football game on September 23 when Warrensburg takes on Center at the Warrensburg High School activities facility.

During the two-day clinic, participants will learn cheers and a sideline dance, which they'll show off to the world during their pre-game performance with the cheerleaders. The cost is $25 per participant and that includes a t-shirt, pizza dinner on Friday night, and clinic participation.

Registration for the clinic closes on Tuesday, September 20, and is limited to 75 students. If you'd like to register your child for the Warrensburg High School Cheer Clinic you can do so here.

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