At least at my house, the trees are still green.  But when can we expect to see some change? I mean, come on, already, nature!  Let's hit the forward button and get this going.  Well, I can't make nature change the foliage, but I can let you know what some experts think as to when we'll see the changes here.

There's a whole branch (tree joke, I'll see myself out) of science on this.  They statistically measure foliage changes all over the country and put up a helpful map. They tell you exactly how they go about getting this information, and even tell you why the science happens the way it does in nature.

So when, dear reader, will our leaves hit peak colors!  Check out the map below!


Looks like in just a couple of weeks, around October 22nd, we should be in our fall colors. I personally can't wait.  It's my favorite part of the year, and I'm done with these temperatures being in the eighties.  I want to put on hoodies and drink hot chocolate already.

So get to it, nature.  I'll be holding you accountable if we don't see these colors by October 22nd.

Fallingly yours,


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