I know we're getting towards the time of the year when bees will no longer be a buzzin around our area. But we still have some time before they go.

I hear the bees are in danger the last few years. And sure, I want to help. I like bugs well enough. I mean, I'm okay with them when they're outdoors. I don't want them in my house, or on my porch.

I guess I get it from my Mom.  She hated bugs in the house in any way.  I always encourage the cat to chase and kill a fly.  But in general, I have a sort of passive policy: if I'm outside and a bug doesn't approach me, I leave it alone.  If it invades MY TERRITORY, all bets are off.  I'm smashing that spider.  I'm swatting that fly.  I'm definitely stepping on that cricket. Now a bee, I might, MIGHT leave him alone if he lets me dodge him.

And generally, we get along well in that regard. They leave me alone, I leave them alone. I appreciate the bees have a job to do, and I want them to do it. What I Don't want is for them to buzz around my head when I'm minding my own business and getting my mail. I have had some persistent bees here of late, who seem to be bound and determined to fly into me, kamikaze style.  I don't want to hurt them, but I also don't want them to hurt me.  Partially because I don't like ouchies, but also because I always heard that if a bee stings you, either the lack of a stinger or the stinger being pulled out or... I don't know, whatever, it kills the bee. So both of us benefit from, you know, avoiding each other. I don't get hurt, they don't die, right?

So I started to wonder... how can I get them to leave me alone? Well, I turned to an expert... The Internet! According to Terminix, here are a few things you can do to avoid being stung by a bee:

1.  Avoid wearing dark clothing, particularly red colors.  Apparently those colors look like some of their natural predators in nature.  They might think you're trying to attack!

2.  Cover sugary foods and drinks.  If you're out on a picnic or at the park and having some lunch, cover your sugary drinks or desserts.  Bees are apparently drawn to sugar and sweet smells.

3.  Avoid Sweet Smells.  This is apparently my problem. I have a sweetish perfume that I wear, and it smells a bit like roses.  So I guess the bees think I'm a flower?  Should I be flattered, or?

4.  Avoid the bees themselves.  Check the yard before you mow.  Watch where you're walking if you're on a hike. If you see some bees in flower bushes, leave them alone.

So there you have it.  Don't bee like me (jokes) when I was eight and got stung on my Grandfather's farm.  It..... STINGS. Sorry. I'll see myself out.

Beeingly yours,

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