Well, you and I both know that this year's Missouri State Fair is bringing some interesting acts to the Grandstand.Sure, there are a few we've seen before.  But one of the acts that's coming that seems to be generating some excitement for next week's ticket sales is Boyz II Men. Well, in that they're the act most people have talked to me personally about.

And sure, for people my age, they hit right in the nostalgia feels.  We were in high school, and they seeming had hit after hit.  They  were the kind of group that was a little bit racy, but mostly you could listen to them around your Mom and she would approve.  I'm sure when you heard the news, you remembered "MotownPhilly", "It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday", "The End of the Road", etc.  But there were more songs they had that were quite popular that you might hear that night on the Grounds. So let's take a second and reacquaint ourselves with some more of their catalog.

1.  On Bended Knee.

If that video isn't peak nineties, I don't know what is.  The little argument at the beginning, the meet cute with the dog, the birthday cake, the lipstick on the mirror?! The drama. It's right there for you to revel in.  Anyway.  It's a great midtempo ballad with a killer hook.  Once you get there, you'll go, "Oh, yeaaaah, I remember this!"

2.  One Sweet Day.

They might not do this one, because, you know, Mariah won't be there. But this song was EVERYWHERE for what seemed like ages, and you really only hear it now on sad occasions.  But it's a solid jam.

3.  4 Seasons of Loneliness.

This one was one of their last bigger hits. I think it was the only one that went to number one on that album. The video hasn't aged that well in comparison to some of the others, but the point is that the song is one you can imagine them reveling in.

5. Water Runs Dry.

1994 was their biggest year, the II album was the one that had all the huge hits on it. And this was one of them, probably my favorite if I'm being honest.

What songs are you hoping to hear when they come to the Fair? What other acts are you looking to get tickets for this year?

Concertingly yours,

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