Okay, okay, I know what you're going to say - of course you do, you're a Beatles fan. But REALLY. It's more than that. Bear with me, dear reader. I'm about to nerd the heck out on you. Ringo Starr is going to be knighted this year, and I'm all kinds of excited about it. He deserves it, because he's an amazing dude who is Vastly Underappreciated.  So, here are a few of my reasons why I think Ringo deserves this honor. First, let's discuss what you have to do to get Knighted.

Here's something I read from a site called Awards Intelligence, explaining it:

A knighthood or damehood can be presented for all types of different achievement, but usually the person nominated will have made a major contribution to the country at a national or international level; their work and achievements will be viewed as an inspiration to others; and they may have influenced their peers, industry or the nation through their sustained and outstanding commitment to their chosen area.

1.  His Charity Work.

Part of why he's being knighted is for his musical contributions to the world, but part of it is also his charity work.  He supports EIGHT different charities on his website, and they fight for all kinds of causes.  In particular, his focus is on helping abused, abandoned, poor and sick children. At least three of the charities he works with work with kids.  His charity works helps veterans, rape victims, AIDS patients, and more. Boom. Major contributions to society, check.

2.  His Positive Attitude.

Every time you see or hear from Ringo, he's promoting two ideas: Peace and Love. He's been doing it for over fifty years. What's wrong with that? Don't we all need a little more love, especially in the world today? We could take a page out of Ringo's book, for sure.  Inspirational? Check.

3.  His Incredible Life  Story.

Ringo leads by example when it comes to the idea of perseverance.  This guy was born in one of the most crime and poverty stricken neighborhoods in Liverpool, The Dingle (When I toured Beatle homes, locals told me NOT to go there, and that was 1999).  He had a single mom who did odd jobs to try to make ends meet. The guy could not catch a break, health wise. He was in and out of the hospital so many times that he missed years of school. Doctors told his mother TWICE that he was going to die before the age of ten. But he entertained himself in his hospital bed with a drum, and went on to survive and thrive. Double inspiring? Check.

4. His Innovative Drumming Technique.

I don't even wanna hear from people to tell me Ringo is not a good drummer. He is a Great drummer. This dude is left handed and learned to play on a right handed kit. He held his drumsticks a certain way that was vastly different from 99% of the drummers that came before him, and 100% of drummers today (outside of jazz and marching bands) hold their sticks the same way. The Beatles wouldn't have been the success that they were without Ringo.  Musical influence? Check. 

5.  His Humility.

Yes, I really feel like this is key to Ringo's success.  Like I said earlier, The Beatles would not have become the biggest band in the world without Ringo. He played in such a way that his playing didn't stand out, which can be hard for a drummer. Sure, other players may have more flash, but Ringo CHOSE not to play that way. He felt that drum solos were played out and overbearing, which is why he only ever recorded ONE. He could have done a drum solo more than once or in concert, but he chose not to.  And if you listen to what he's actually playing, it's about the song, not about him as a player. He's not just playing a basic beat, either. You just never notice it because it Fits. Sure, Keith Moon and John Bonham and others may have had bigger kits and fancier solos, but Ringo's cloth just wasn't cut that way.  Double Influence? Check. 

There you have it. Sir Richard Starkey, aka Ringo. A well deserved honor, if I do say so myself. What do you think? Who else should be Knighted?

Ringoly yours,


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