After breaking the news of the December release of their new album yesterday, AC/DC have unveiled 60 tasty seconds of one of its songs in the most unlikely of places. Check out the above video for TBS' coverage of MLB's postseason to hear a snippet of 'Play Ball.'

9/26 Update: We found a minute-long version of the ad, twice as long as the original.

Not so surprisingly, 'Play Ball' doesn't stray too far from the template we've come to know and love from AC/DC: a chunky riff, some searing vocals and words that may or may not have to do with actual baseball playing (given their history with songs about balls, this could very well be about something else).

‘Rock or Bust’ -- the band's first album since 2008's 'Black Ice,' which debuted at No. 1 -- will come out on Dec. 2. The announcement of the upcoming release of the 11-song album was accompanied by news that founding guitarist Malcolm Young will not be returning, following an undisclosed illness that prevented him from taking part in the recording sessions for ‘Rock or Bust.’ This will be the first album in AC/DC’s 41-year history without Young.

The above video isn't scheduled to make its television debut until Sept. 27, but the above trailer was posted to tease both baseball's upcoming postseason and, we'd like to think, AC/DC's new album. Both of which we're way excited about.

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