It wasn't always this way, across the country or even in our house. 

So I ran across something on social media the other day about how different family dynamics are these days. That's true, I guess, I did find an oldish article from Pew Research that affirms things are changing. It was from a few years ago, but I can only imagine the numbers continuing upward.  Basically, the gist is that 40% of households in the U.S. with kids under 18 have a female breadwinner.  That means they have a mother who's either the sole source of income for the family, or the primary source of income.

In 1960, 11% of households had a female breadwinner, so that number has almost quadrupled in 50 years.  37% of the breadwinning moms are married and have a higher income than their husbands.  63% are single mothers.  I'm in the 37% category.  It's not a problem or anything. Husbando isn't one of those old fashioned, out dated guys who think that "the little woman should stay at home" or whatever.  Not that I'm saying being a stay at home Mom is a bad or antiquated thing, don't get me wrong. If that's your choice, that's fine.  But you know what I mean, the old fashioned notion that the woman is forced to stay at home while the man has to go out and work isn't something we subscribe to.

It's not like I magically am superior because I bring in more money.  We're equals.  He does his half of the work, I do my half.   I think that's a good thing, and will only keep growing, evolving and changing as time goes on.

So how does it go in your household?  Do both of you work, or does one stay at home? Does it vary, or is it constant?

Breadingly yours,


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