The recurrence of teen parenting is something that's become a reality all over the world, and it's happened here in Sedalia too. These young people can often feel scared, alone, intimidated and lost when faced with the reality of being a young parent. The Amigos De Cristo and VISTA are working to help these young people through the process.I think one of the main problems affecting teen parents today is a lack of information. Most people here in our area like to think of teen parenting as something that happens to "other people" and not to someone they know and love. It's not something that's going to be easy, and it's rarely something that you're prepared for. There's a lot to consider, from health issues for mother and child, getting ready for the economic realities of parenting, and understanding that there is life out there after you've become a young parent.

I spoke with the VISTA volunteer coordinator for Amigos De Cristo, Lyndsey Hernandez, about the program and what it's offering for these young people here in Sedalia.

Make sure you spread the word about this important class and all the benefits it'll have to the young parents out there, mothers AND fathers. It's every Friday at the Amigos De Cristo, starting at 5:30 p.m. There's no cost, and you can earn incentives to get some much needed supplies for the baby. These young people are not alone, and there is plenty of help available for all the stages of the process.

The Amigos De Cristo have a Facebook page, you can give them a call at (660) 826-2788, or you can go by the church office at 3003 West 11th street.

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