Okay guys, I think you might recall that I am a fan of the group BTS. It's been almost three years at this point.  It's not a problem, but it's a problem.

My poor Husbando is acutely aware of this and does his best to keep up with it, or at least pretends to pay attention for me.  He nods at the right moments when I'm telling him about their latest onstage water war.  And the rest of my family are also aware enough, and are polite enough to look away if they're rolling their eyes at me. I'm not a huge BTS merch collector though (I mean, sure, I have stuff, but nowhere NEAR what other fans have... and a lot of it was given to me as opposed to me buying it), so I didn't think I would be trying the new BTS meal at McDonald's.

But, I was cranky as hell the other day, the internet went out, I was all alone in the building, and I thought to myself, "Self, we are going to get ourselves a dang treat and we're going to do it with BTS."  So I did, in fact, treat myself, in the form of K-Pop nerdery!  Now, I'm not normally a person who even eats lunch, let alone fast food (we get delivery sometimes at home, but you know what I mean).  And a huge soda when normally all I have at work is water?  Definitely changed it up. Special Occasion.

So the deal is, BTS partnered with McDonald's do a meal with special themed packaging. McDonald's has done this before with other singers, I think this is the third time they've done it overall.  Ideally, the packaging looks like this. Purple is a thing with BTS and their fans.  I'd explain it, but just trust me.  It's a thing.


But I've seen a lot of BTS fans online who ask for the meal not get any of the packaging, because I guess it's either short stocked or not distributed evenly to the stores? I don't know how that works.  Anyway, it's a ten piece nuggets with fries and a Coke (although really, it shoulda been a hamburger and Sprite or a McFlurry. McFlurry, one please.) with two special sauces selected by the guys.  A cajun sauce and a sweet chili sauce.

I went in this with low expectations. I had seen so many crazy people online who tried to get the packaging and failed, partly because of the stores just not having it and partly because of demand.  And there is a big demand - I've even seen people RESELL the bags, the cup, the sauces,... and people pay absurd amounts of money for them.  A quick search on Ebay and I saw the whole packaging set with the sauces going for A HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS.

So like I say, low expectations.  But the poster was right there on the window, and it showed up on the menu, so I couldn't have been the only one to order this.

BTS Meal

Overall, it was basically just a normal meal at Mickey D's.  It's pretty consistent, chicken is tasty, fries are crispy, soda is cold.  The sauce was nice, and I guess I could keep the bag? I don't know.  Either way, it was a nice little distraction for a second.  Although I couldn't eat the whole thing. Ten pieces is a lot of nuggets, okay!  And if nothing else, I got a little perk me up.

Bangtaningly yours,


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