This story has been updated to include information about four other Kansas City area locations the Bed Bath & Beyond is closing. 

Need a heated or weighted blanket? A new set of sheets? K-cups for your coffee maker? Bed Bath & Beyond has it. What about that Soda Stream machine? That robot vacuum you've always wanted? Or that personal massager? They have those too. That said, one of the more interesting stores when it comes to merchandise to help your house be more of a home is in trouble financially, and they're closing 150 stores. Is the one you shop at closing?

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The Hill reports Bed Bath & Beyond will close 150 stores in what the chain is saying is a back-to-basics strategy aimed at helping the company focus on better-serving customers and driving growth. The company, which has already been cutting costs and closing stores, announced another $80 - $100 million in cuts.

While the Hill reported on some of the Illinois and Missouri locations closing, they didn't have all of them. Fox 4 Kansas City reported on four specific Kansas City area Bed, Bath, & Beyond locations that are closing. They say locations in Kansas City, Independence, and Lee's Summit will be closing along with another Kansas location.

Anecdotally, I can understand why Bed Bath & Beyond has to cut the budget and close some stores. I've enjoyed browsing Bed Bath & Beyond since I started dating my wife. It's not the sheets or blankets or thirsty towels I'm all that interested in. It's the beyond. The funky stuff that they sell along with the practical.

Yet I can't remember the last time I walked out of Bed Bath & Beyond with a fun new toy to play with on a whim. The last time I was there I think we were shopping for bathroom accessories. Maybe that was two apartments or so ago. Before that, I think it was shopping for some soda flavors for my Soda Stream. The Soda Stream, btw, wasn't half as much fun as they made it out to be in commercials. But that's a different blog.

So what Bed Bath & Beyond stores are closing in Missouri and Illinois? Here's the list:


  • Lake St. Louis
  • Osage Beach
  • Kansas City, Barrywoods Crossing
  • Independence, The Pavilions at Harman Heritage
  • Lee's Summit, Summitwoods Crossing (Chipman Road)


  • Champaign
  • Quincy
  • Vernon Hills
  • The company is also closing buy buy Baby on Kingsbury in Chicago.

The company is also closing its Lawrence and Manhatten Kansas stores according to the list provided by The Hill. As well as the Shawnee location according to Fox 4. They say the stores will close in August.

That's good news if you're looking for a personal massager, a robot vacuum, or even just some new sheets and towels.

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