Supreme Court Justice Stephen Bryer will be retiring from the Court.  He is 83 years old, and was the oldest Justice on the Court. President Biden is fulfilling a promise he made before he was elected President to nominate the first ever African-American woman to the Supreme Court.  And he had made his selection.

Her name is Judge Ketanji Jackson.  She was a former Supreme Court clerk for out-going Justice Bryer, and Jackson shares an Ivy League education with most other justices, graduating with honors from Harvard Law School.  So she is certainly qualified.

In Jackson career, she also worked as a public defender.  She would be the first justice with this background.  This may allow for a different background and point of view from the other justices.

Jackson spent eight years working as a federal district judge before being confirmed last year to the U.S. Court of Appeals by a vote of 53 to 44, receiving three Republican votes. That bipartisan support is expected to help ease her confirmation in a Senate currently split 50-50.

If you would like some more info on this nomination, you can click HERE.  She will have to go through the nomination process that Merrick Garland was not given the opportunity to have when President Obama was in the final year of his Presidency.

With the Senate at 50/50 and currently the Democrats controlling the House, she should be elected even if there are no Republican votes.  Hopefully she will get bipartisan support and make history in our country.

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