Update: In the comments section of their Facebook post Break Time, responding to concerned customer comments says what happened was that at the seven stores listed below, their fuel transportation company put diesel in the tanks that hold unleaded fuel. The store also says that unless your car experiences any problems, there is no need to contact them. The story has been edited to reflect this.

Break Time
posted on their Facebook page that they're aware of an issue with their unleaded fuel at some area stores.

The convenience store chain became aware of an issue with their unleaded fuel at their Truman Boulevard location in Jefferson City late yesterday, July 27. Diesel fuel delivered to this and six other locations was put into unleaded fuel tanks. The store immediately stopped selling the fuel as soon as they were made aware of the problem. Further investigation has found that the problem lies in fuel delivery with their primary fuel carrier, Midland.

The store has identified seven locations where this problem may be present:

  • In Jefferson City: Stores on Truman Boulevard, Missouri Boulevard, Main Street, and McCarty.
  • In Sedalia: Stores at 808 E. Broadway, 318 W. Broadway.
  • The California, Missouri store.

The store in Tipton, the truck stop in Sedalia, and the Sedalia store at 2601 W. Broadway are not impacted at all by the fuel issue. So customers of these stores should not experience any issues with their vehicles related to fueling at those stores.

Break Time says in their post they believe this became a problem yesterday morning. If you bought gasoline at any of the impacted Break Time stores, Wednesday, July 27, and believe your vehicle is experiencing issues please call them at 1-800-876-6357. Please press one for HR, and then press 2 for the claims team. If your vehicle is running OK, there is no need to call the store.

In responding to some comments on their Facebook page, Break Time says the issues customers are experiencing with their vehicles after fueling with diesel instead of unleaded gasoline vary, so it's hard for the store to tell customers what to look for.

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