I'm fond of saying I never met a pizza I didn't like. From Fitters to Papa Murphy's. From Pizza Hut to Dominos. And every kind of pizza in between.  But could I eat this 28-inch 10-pound pizza with two types of meat from Pointer's in St. Louis? Could I do it with my wife or a friend? Or for $500?

The pizza in question is the Pointersaurus. It's a 28-inch 10-pound pizza topped with two types of meat or four vegetables that weighs in at over 10-pounds. At this point in my life, I can't put away 28-inches of pizza with sausage and pep, not even for a $500 dollar prize. But I might be able to with the help of my wife Kathy, or a pizza-loving friend.

Feast Magazine says, "Pointer’s specializes in New York-style pizza, made with freshly hand-tossed dough and mozzarella cheese." And every picture of their pizzas that I've seen just makes me want to try one of their pies. They look delicious.

If you and a friend can hang around their Richmond Heights store and polish off the Pointersaurus in an hour without leaving the customer area, they'll refund the $50 dollars you spent on the pizza in the first place, and write you a check for $500.

So could I polish off the Pointersaurus with a friend, or my wife Kathy? Let's take a look at the rules and see:

  • All crusts and toppings must be swallowed entirely for the contest to be ruled complete.
  • Napkins cannot be used to absorb pizza juice.
  • The entire pizza must be consumed in one hour.

The rules themselves don't seem that onerous. Although, pep might not be a good topping choice. That tends to make pizzas greasy, and I suspect a grease bomb pizza can be harder to eat. In fact, the pizza weighing in over 10-pounds tells me the toppings are going to be generous.  And that, from experience, can fill you up quickly.

Pizza crusts can be filling too. My wife Kathy tends to discard the crusts unless the pizza is cooked with the crust perfectly done. And that doesn't happen too often. (By the way, we tried SPIN pizza in Warrensburg last week, and it was as close to the perfect pizza crust we've experienced in a long time.)

Could I do it with a friend or my wife Kathy? I'd give it a solid maybe. When I get together with my friends and we're quaffing pizza and beers at Vito and Nick's Pizza in Chicago, we've been known to put down four or five pizzas in an evening. So I suspect if I paired up with the other biggest pizza-loving friend of that bunch we'd have a good shot. And with Kathy, I know with a little planning and strategy we could come close. Especially with $500 on the line. The problem might be the darn pizza crusts, that might be the thing that trips us up.

Pointer's Pizza is at 1023 S. Big Bend Boulevard in St. Louis. They're open 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM CDT Monday -Saturday, 11:00 AM -11:00 PM CDT Sunday, and closed Monday. If you're inclined to do the Pointersaurus challenge they'd like you to make reservations 24 hours in advance, and they prefer the contest to start at 3:00 PM CDT any day of the week.

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