Who here has a big Cardinal fan in their life? If you do, I may have just found you the perfect gift for them.

The St. Louis Cardinals announced this morning that select tickets for the 2022 regular season will go on sale Friday. And there are ticket plans that are sure to satisfy every Cardinals fan. What I like about a lot of these plans, they can work for folks who go to several games a season but live in the Sedalia or Columbia area.

There's the Opening Day pack that includes tickets to the Cards home opener against Pittsburgh, and then seven great weekend dates. There's the Yadi/Waino pack that features eight-weekend games featuring promotional giveaways highlighting Yadier Molina and Adam Wainwright’s final year together as a starting battery.

Not to mention the team's five-game weekend packs, and their Friday and Sunday pack. There's even a ticket plan for your cousin who lives across the river from St. Louis who somehow became a Cubs fan. The Cubs pack allows fans to attend five of the nine games the Cardinals will play against the Cubs at Busch. Five game packs start at $59 dollars a ticket.

Of course, not every Cardinal fan can spend a bunch of weekends schlepping to St. Louis. For these folks, you might consider getting an all-inclusive ticket for single games. These are the types of tickets that can get you access to some fun, different, ways to take in a game and include complimentary food and beverages.

Some of the places you can purchase all-inclusive tickets include the UMB Champions Club, the National Car Rental Club, the Commissioners Box, Left Field Landing, and the Cardinals Nation Rooftop and Balcony at Ballpark Village. All-inclusive tickets start at  $59 too.

For that co-worker or family member you want to impress, but don't necessarily want to spend $100 or more on, so they can enjoy a game with a friend, spouse, or significant other you could hook them up with a gift card. Cardinals gift cards start at $25 and are good for regular season tickets, merchandise and concessions at Busch Stadium.

These tickets go on sale this Friday, November 19, at 10:00 AM CST. If you want to try to win some ticket packs, gift cards, and merchandise the Cardinals will be doing some giveaways on Friday on their official Twitter. Additionally, there will be some pricing deals on ticket packs this weekend.

For more information check out the Cardinals website

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