Let me start off here by making it clear that I do not in any way consider myself a "celebrity". That's like, a foreign concept.  I bet you wouldn't even know it was me if I was standing near you at the store.  But yeah, I talk on the radio so I guess there's that, but it's not that big a deal, really.

Nevertheless, every year Child Safe asks me if I would like to participate in their "Celebrity Dessert Auction".  They ask all sorts of well known people all around town, some in media, some not. Everybody pitches together, bakes up some sweet stuff, and people bid on it (I'll leave the flyer at the end of the post so you can get details). I'm pretty sure my desserts are not the ones people actually bid on, because those are huge and elaborate and usually involve something that looks like it should go on "Cake Boss".  My stuff is more like... you can tell she home made that.  I get a pat on the head for effort.  You tried, honey, that's what matters. It's maybe not the prettiest, but it took a real attempt at, you know, cooking. It goes on the side table and people just pay like, five bucks for it.

I've made a few things over the years, cakes, cookies, that kinda stuff.  Last year I made an Egg Nog Cheesecake.  I capitalize that because it was Clever for me.

egg nog cheese cake

I even whipped my own cream.  Now obviously I didn't come up with the recipe - you can literally see the print out under the thing - but I brought the EFFORT.

The year before that I did lemon tarts and a lemon cheesecake.

lemon cheesecake
lemon tarts

I don't remember why, but Husbando had asked me to buy a bag of Meyer lemons and we had some left over, so that's why I made that.

But this year,... I dunno.  I kinda think I shouldn't make a cheesecake again.  I mean, I know it's going to the side table where people just buy it and not really, like, compete for it.  That's fine, I know I'm no pro.  I should switch it up, though.  Oooh, maybe I could make like, some elaborate candy or something.  Something fancy! I can manage to not be lazy for one weekend.  I'll have to do a little research on the internet, maybe see what's cool in the dessert world now.

I do want it to be good, because I want them to make a lot of money, because Child Safe is an amazing organization that helps so many kids in our area.  They make it so that kids who have been through some of the worst things imaginable have a safe place to recount what happened and start recovery. And if that means I have to learn how to use a candy thermometer, so be it!

What do you think I should make?  Should I try something different or just bring a new flavor of cheesecake? What could I make that would make you want to buy it?

Sweetly yours,

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