The Clinton Police Department has outlined some changes to the traffic lights on 2nd Street at Green, Franklin, and Jefferson.Streets in town.

Signals at all three intersections will go into flashing mode at 10:00 PM CST and stay in flashing mode until 5:00 AM CST. The Northbound/Southbound lights will flash yellow. The Eastbound/Westbound lights will flash red.

Clinton Police remind motorists that a blinking yellow light means the driver should use caution while proceeding through the intersection without stopping. However, if you're making a left turn, you must still yield to oncoming traffic and may need to make a complete stop.

A blinking red light means you treat the intersection like there is a stop sign. Your vehicle must come to a complete stop. The Driver must yield to all oncoming traffic and then proceed when safe to do so.

Additionally, motorists will notice a different traffic light set up at 2nd and Green Streets. The left turn green arrows in the northbound and southbound lanes have been eliminated. Everyone using the left-turn lanes will now yield on green

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