Pettis County Collector Marsha Boeschen was sworn in for another four-year term Monday at 4 p.m. in the Pettis County Commissioners Chambers at the Pettis County Courthouse, 415 South Ohio.

Pettis County Election Authority Nick LaStrada conducted the brief ceremony, which was attended by a handful of close family members and co-workers.

The Collector's term ends on the last day of February and therefore it was necessary for Boeschen to renew for another term before March.

She was first elected as collector in 2010 and began serving on March 1 of 2011.

“So this will make 16 years (of public service) total so far,” Boeschen commented after the ceremony. “Four as assessor and 12 as collector.”

Boeschen credited her staff with her ongoing success. “I've enjoyed my job and my girls are my backbone. They've got to make me look good; otherwise I don't get re-elected,” she told KSIS. “I am very blessed to have a great group of girls. I am very blessed by the Pettis County citizens to believe in me, and blessed not to have any opposition for the past three elections, and I thank the people for that.”

Boeschen acknowledged the family members who showed up for the ceremony, but also said she would like to have seen some of her grandkids as well. “But they're all working, or gone to college,” she said, adding that they're all becoming productive citizens and future taxpayers of Pettis County.

Boeschen's ceremony was a last-minute deal, due to scheduling conflicts concerning where the swearing-in could be held at the courthouse. The ceremony usually takes place in the third-floor courtroom, but it was already booked. A few co-workers showed up a few minutes late after she raised her hand and took the oath of office.

Boeschen explained that all collectors across the State of Missouri start their term on the first of March, whereas for all the assessors, it's Sept. 1.

“We close our books on the 28th of February, that's the end of our year that we report all of our tax collections to the State of Missouri,” Boeschen noted.

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