Some brides are facing the bad news that they might not be able to get the wedding dress they've dreamed of. All because of bad timing. The Coronavirus outbreak in China has shut many factories down. That's bad news for brides, because 80% of bridal gowns and prom dresses come from China, according to a report from KMBC.

A stylist from Natalie M. bridal shop told the television station:

In the past, we'd say go ahead and order it, they'll manufacture it. It'll be here in time. I can't do that today. Today I have to say, 'You know what sweetheart? We need to find you a different dress.

The stylist went on to add if you have a tracking number or  if you know your wedding dress is in America, you're probably OK. If that isn't the case she suggests you start working on plan B.

This isn't great news for brides who are planning on a spring wedding, who perhaps have had an eye on a gown but haven't had an opportunity to order it yet.

And the bridal gown, from my experience, is one of the biggest things brides are focused on. At least when I got married it was one of the key things my wife focused on. And I get it. If you're a woman who dreamed of your wedding since you were a child. You probably have a strong sense of the type of bridal gown you want. And you're going to be particular about it.

It's not just bridal gowns that are affected by the Coronavirus in China. It's everything that China produces. It's also prom dresses. Clothing. And even things we don't necessarily think about. My wife gets a lot of Chinese made craft supplies. And a lot of e-cigarette / vape hardware is made in China. The longer the virus hangs around there and keeps factories closes, the more inventory is going to be squeezed everywhere else.

The Coronavirus hit in China at precisely the wrong time as well. Many businesses shut down production to celebrate the Chinese New Year, which slows down the shipment of goods to America. Many never ramped production back up before having to shut down to protect employees from the virus.

If you're a bride shopping for a gown, or a junior or senior in high school heading to your prom, shop early, be flexible, and plan on finding your dream dress off the shelf.





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