It seems like so many times, we're all so concerned about our families and what we can do to help them or make their lives better. But do we really stop and make sure that we're taken care of, too? Probably not, right?  I mean, every parent I've ever met always put their kids, their partners, their friends, their family, their job, everyone else before themselves. I guess it's a guilt thing, really. If you're not taking care of everyone, you're being selfish, right?


How can you help your family if you're not okay? How can your job get easier if you're freaking out about it?  You gotta unlearn that "I need to do it all" mentality. That's where the Bothwell Regional Health Center's "Taking Care of You" program can help.  What it does is offers you some actual solutions to help take better care of yourself. They're doing four sessions, meeting twice weekly. The dates are April 10, 12, 17, and 19, and it'll be held in the evenings, beginning at 6:00 p.m.

The stuff they'll help you work on? Here's the ideas from the press release:

Take better care of all aspects of your health – body, mind and spirit.

Become more aware of the mind-body connection and how to use it for better health.

Respond versus react to the stress in your life.

Discover opportunities in life’s challenges.

Develop habits that can lead to a healthier you.

Find ways to bring more joy into your life.

Simplify your life.

Live more in the moment.

Seems simple, right? Sometimes the simplest stuff is the hardest! It's important to make sure to take the time to take care of yourself - you're not being selfish. You're not ignoring the people who need you.  You'll learn how to make your life better, and by extension, everyone else's lives, too. Get signed up by stopping by the Bothwell Education Center at 14th and Ingram. You can also call to reserve your spot by April 6th at 827-0591 or by emailing

You know what, if you do this, you might be able to finally cut back on the coffee. Destress, people!

Stressfully yours,

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