I'm sure we've all got our horror stories over the years when it comes to job interviews. It's just so much pressure, and you're nervous, and they want to hurry up and find somebody.  So everyone's not at their best, really.

I remember one job interview I went to high school.  I was applying for a part time job at the Sedalia Public Library. I think I was sixteen or so.  I had done library work in middle school, I read all the time, it seemed like a perfect fit. So I remember that I'm supposed to look nice and dress up for an interview.  I don't really remember what I was wearing, but I seem to think it was a white dress shirt and a black skirt with some kind of cute little tie.

The interviewer asked me if I was in show choir.  I said no.  She didn't believe me.  "Really? You're sure you're not wearing a costume?"

................I did not get the job.

I guess she could tell I didn't wear skirts much? Was the tie too much? I don't know.  Here are the ten most-common reasons job interviews don't go well, according to a new survey.

1. "I didn't know what to say."

2. "I felt intimidated."

3. "I said something stupid."

4. "The person interviewing me seemed bored."

5. "I kept tripping over words."

6. "The interviewer was rude."

7. "I couldn't stop blushing."

8. "I couldn't answer a lot of their questions."

9. "I showed up late."

10. "I knew nothing about the company."

Uncontrollable SWEATING just missed the top ten, and swearing by mistake made the top 20.  I don't see anything about show choir attire in there, so I guess I've got that going for me.

Interviewingly yours,


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