Now I don't know about you guys, but this time of year makes me really grateful and reflective on what I have in my life. My Dad is great, my boyfriend is nice, my family are generally healthy, my friends are supportive, and my job is pretty awesome.  Well, of course it has its moments like any other job, but... I've had some much, much worse jobs over the years.  And I'm grateful for what I've got now, especially when I start to think back about the bad jobs, terrible co-workers, and unbearable bosses I've had in my youth.

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So I thought, if I have these experiences... I've bet you've got a few, too.  So I asked you on our Facebook page the other  day - What was a moment you had on a job where you thought, "That's the last straw, I'm quitting"?  Now it might not have been going out in a blaze of glory right then, but, it could have also been a moment where you just decided to move on and start looking for something else to pay the bills.

And some of these answers.... just..woah. Some of you had some situations that were completely unfair or unjust.

Yvette N
I once had a seasonal job that the manager was on such a power trip. I had never been "talked to" by a manager before in any job I had before. I was in her office a few times but this one really got me-- I was called in for dumping my trash and the lady that sat next to me at the same time. I was informed that was not my job and got more harassment for it. But I didn't quit, I waited out the season to get the bonus that was offered, but I also never went back to work there solely due to the manager.

Talk about nitpicking, am I right? Don't take out your trash on the job! And certainly don't do any favors for your co-workers! Quit trying to keep this place clean and nice to work in! Sit in trash and do your job!!!

Gene W
They wanted everyone to sign a paper warning theft from the cash drawer was a fireable offense and I didn't use the drawer so I wouldn't sign it! They then said not signing was a fireable offense! Then I said stick this job where the sun don't shine!

Well, I get where he's coming from with that. Looks like they were just looking to get rid of people, honestly. Still not fair to to you, Gene. Sounds like you were better off outta there.

Cady W
Waitressed a restaurant one night & quit after finding out they expected us to pool & split tips @ the end of the night.

How is that fair at all? What if you waited on ten tables, and one person only worked with one? I mean, I have problems with the tipping thing anyway - I don't like it, myself, just let people get paid for their work - but..that's just not fair.
And some of your answers... were plain unsafe.

 Wendi B
We had a power outage and it caused the grease trap and sewage to back up into the restaurant. They wanted me to dump bleach on it and clean it up. You don't mix bleach with unknown liquids. That could cause a huge issue. I was also 4 month pregnant. Nope!!

NOPE! You're absolutely right there, Wendi. That could have caused a terrible reaction!

Nikki S
When I had a severe allergy attack that was messing with my lungs and end up getting put on a lot of meds and my doctor wanted me to take the rest of the week off to rest and I laughed and was like I'm on lunch I gotta go back and I can't take a week. Two days later I ended up having another asthma attack on a ladder and 2 coworkers had to help me down and I was sitting on a pallet with inhaler in hand trying to breathe and the 2 employees not leaving me and one of my bosses came around the corner and started b***hing me out for not working. I went home that night and applied for new jobs and took the first job offer I got.

Wow. Talk about an employer that doesn't care about their workers. Their health, their wellbeing, Nothin! What a lack of compassion.

And one answer was....just heartbreaking.

Vicky C
After several months working at my first diesel repair shop.. I found out I was hired as a "novelty".  I loved working there.  I was good. I worked with amazing guys.... that was a huge disappointment.

Oh, wow. Yeah. I get that. I mean, you thought you were there with people you thought were treating you as equals... and especially since you were killing it and pulling your weight...just to have them demean you? Nope. I'm sorry you had to go through that. But I'm sure you've moved on to better things!

And well, because it's Sedalia (Or Missouri, really, to be fair).... we had to see a few snarky answers. You guys always bring the funny, really, even on a serious topic. We're just not wired to not make a joke when the need arises!

Kenneth T


Susan B
stupidity!!! and that's everyday!!!


John Carter W
When I figured out I could retire and be ok.. I went to work and told them, it's been swell but, the swellings gone down... Later


Jamey N Sandy S
That moment when I walked in and someone looked at me and said...Good Morning!...thats just too much.


Paulette D
Don't ask anyone at my work

Oh my-lanta, you guys, so funny. I wonder if Kenneth ever got into computers (he did comment?).  And if Susan means the people he works WITH are a problem, or if the CUSTOMERS are a problem. John had a great line, I wish I could be that smooth. Jamey and Paulette.... duly noted, you guys. Duly noted.

What were some of your "last straw" moments on the job?  Tell us all about them in the comments!

Strawfully yours,

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