Do you actually think the burger or chicken sandwich you purchase from a fast food joint is actually going to resemble what they look like in the television commercials? Do you think McDonald's, Wendy's, and Burger King should be sued over misleading advertisements? Someone does and is wasting the court's time by filing a class-action lawsuit to hold the burger joints accountable.

The Kansas City Star says Anthony J. Russo Jr., one of the lawyers who filed the lawsuit on behalf of the aggrieved customer, believes “being very truthful in what you’re advertising, not being misleading is important.” I get that. But who is naive enough to believe that the burger being advertised will look like anything that shows up in your burger box? Or that Subway sandwich? Or even that tall glass of Coca-Cola with just the right amount of bubbles and condensation on the glass? Is there any food item that looks just as good when you actually buy it vs. what's in the box, bag, or bottle when you bring it home?

I'd say no. And the more complicated the item, the less likely it is to resemble the advertisement. For example, making a Wendy's jr. bacon cheeseburger look like the ad is not very hard. A Dave's Double with all the fixings, I suspect is a little harder to get right in practice than theory.

And really, who cares. Yeah, I'd rather not have my Big Mac look squished and like the McDonald's team members who put it together played hockey with it before serving to me. Yet, I'm more interested that the burger gets to me hot. I'm more interested that it tastes good. And I'm more interested it satisfies my craving. If you really want to file a class-action lawsuit against McDonald's and Wendy's... how 'bout going after the real first world fast food crime, underfilled fry boxes.

This is how full our box of fries was last week from the Warrensburg McDonald's. (Kathy Creighton)
This is how full our box of fries was last week from the Warrensburg McDonald's. (Kathy Creighton)

You see, that's the real crime. Medium fries, when the fry box is filled, is in my mind just the right amount of fries to satisfy that salty, crispy, craving. Yet you have to order a large fry to get what should be a medium fry because some overworked, underpaid, fast food fry jockey has a drive-thru line out to Maguire Street, and is five minutes away from their cigarette break and can't take the time to properly fill the fry box.

Oh, don't get me wrong. If I have a chance to get a couple of bucks back from the fast-food giants for false advertising, don't get me wrong. I'll sign up to be part of the class-action lawsuit. I'll take the check that probably cost more to print and mail than its value even though I believe it's a b.s. lawsuit.

But really, some lawyers should do something about the fry problem.

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