If you're going on vacation as a couple this Labor Day weekend, here are four ways to avoid a FIGHT.After all, it's supposed to be relaxing. Who can relax if you're bickering all the time? Anyway, here we go:

1.  Choose a destination you'll BOTH enjoy.  That's something you have to think about ahead of time, so . . . sorry.  Like, if the other person hates crowds, don't pick a big city.  They'll end up bitter about it, because they'll be spending money to be miserable.


2.  Suggest putting the argument on hold until you get home.  That way it won't ruin the trip.  And chances are you won't even be angry by then anyway.


3.  Don't spend every minute of every day together.  It's important to have alone time, even on vacation.  Chances are, you don't spend all your time together when you're HOME anyway.  And if you try to on vacation, you'll drive each other nuts.


4.  Avoid the most common arguments.  Just be aware of the little things that might irritate the other person, and try not to get in big blow-out fights over them.


If you want examples, the four things couples argue about MOST on vacations are getting to the airport on time . . . taking too long to get ready . . . getting lost while you're driving . . . and spending too much money.

So here's hoping you have a great Labor Day weekend!

Argumentively Yours,

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