I'm probably going to have some local coffee experts roll their eyes over my next statement. I use a Keurig and I buy generic store-brand coffee pods for my first cup of the morning at home. Whew...I said it. That almost felt cleansing.

Yes I have found that, in my opinion, the store-brand generic coffee pods taste just as good if not better than a lot of the higher priced, name brand coffees. It doesn't hurt either that a box of twelve is almost half the price of the name brand stuff.

We threw out the question on our KIX 105.7 Facebook page-"What grocery items will you never buy generic?" I know I'll go with off-brand chips too. You try the generic stuff on a lot of items and you find out rather quickly if the generic brand will do or if it's going straight to the trash can. Of, course there a certain items that you HAVE to buy name brand.

Here's some answers to the the question...see what you think-

Phoebe M - Thanks to Larry Whiteside, H.S. teacher extraordinaire ('70's) I learned the value of comparison shopping, and blind taste tests. The one and only thing I will gladly pay full retail for is Q'tips. Store brand cotton swabs, just aren't' worth the packaging they are put in.

Pam S. - Mac and Cheese (We had a lot of answers of Mac and Cheese)

Nadine S. - Miracle whip

Julia R. - Velveeta

Lisa M.T. - Syrup

Anita V.S. - Toilet paper, I've tried some. Prefer my Charmin and not the basics kind either.

Brenda H.W. - Chips, cereal, peanut butter, chocolate.

And here was a question to the answer from Brandon G. - Do they make other ranch then Hidden Valley?

Generic or name brand...which do you choose?

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