Every day we've been doing a music trivia question game called Music IQ.It's been fun! I've done some kind of music or movie trivia often, though- and it's nice to find one that's a little more challenging. So now, boy howdy, do I have a prize package for you next week.

ST LOUIS. I know I don't get up there very often - mostly because if I need to do something in an urban setting it's just quicker to get to Kansas City. But what if you had ample reason, nay, INCENTIVE, to go and have a great time?

Well now you do, my friend! All you have to do is answer the Music IQ question correctly staring on Monday and I'll hook you up with a huge St Louis prize package.  The prizes include:

It's a whole day of fun that will definitely make the trip to St Louis worth it. Free is always good, right? So make sure you sharpen up your Music IQ and get ready to win!

Archingly yours,


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